10/28/16 Round 21 Awards posted/Round 22

Hey everyone,

Round 21 awards are posted featuring Emma and Hook from the show Once Upon a Time. I absolutely love this show and Hook/Emma are one of my favorite ships right now, so enjoy and congrats to everyone!

Round 22 is open for submissions with a new codeword. If everyone could email me after they submit
an entry, that would be great. Freedback isn't sending me all of my emails at the moment, so it would be greatly appreciated.

Hope that you're all doing well and see you soon! :)

Oh by the way for those of you who were asking, this is my son now all grown up at 3 1/2 years old. He's in preschool now!

My best friend :)

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8/24/16 BOTB 2 Awards posted/ROund 21

The BOTB 2 awards are now posted. Congratulations to the winners! This was honestly one of the hardest rounds that I've had to judge in a long time, so thankm you to everyone.

Round 21 is now open. I'm hoping to recieve enough entries to judge round 21, but if not this will end up being the last round, which makes me quite sad.

The codewords for round 21 are "If you're afraid of losing your happy ending" and "That means you found it". This lets me know you read and understand the rules. I will have 15 spots open and if you need a saved spot let me know. I would like to have the round closed in 2 weeks, so hopefully everyone works out entry-wise. Good luck everyone!

7/17/16 - Rd 20 awards

So, yeah it's been a while huh? I'm finally back! Round 20 awards are posted and I've emailed everyone with the emails I previously had for everyone.

I'm going to start judging BOTB rounds 11-20 next, then after that I'll be opening round 21. I'm hoping that there are still some vidders out there and that I will see some of you very soon. :)

By the way, my son Aiden is going to be 3 1/2 next month. Crazy, huh?

4/11/13 - Rd 20 update

Sorry for such a long break between updates. I ended up having to have a c-section after 14 hours of labor, which was a big surprise. My baby's heart rate was going down with every contraction I was having so if I'd had a natural labor, there was a chance that the baby wouldn't have made it. I ended up being very glad that I didn't know about it ahead of time. Even though I was on some good drugs and I couldn't feel anything below my belly button, it still hurt during delivery! On top of everything my boyfriend and I had another surprise: we ended up having a boy! (we were told for the whole pregnancy that we were going to have a girl). So all and all it ended up being a very eventful day. It took me 6 weeks to heal from my surgery (it didn't help that I got an infection as well), but everything healed. My little boy who's named Aiden is now almost 10 weeks old and is quite a cutie. He loves to smile and talk so far. :)

The round is currently at 11/15 entries. I won't have internet access at home until the middle of next month so the round will stay open until then just incase I get a last minute entry. Otherwise, let us just consider it closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted! I'm looking forward to watching the new vidder's entries! Welcome by th way. :)

Until next time... *hugs*

2/1/13 - Rd 20 update

So far I've recieved around 6 entries for round 20. I'm currently in the hospital waiting to be induced, so it's probably going to be a few days before I can get online again. This may end up being a long round, but I will try to get everything taken care of as soon as possible so that this round doesn't take forever. :)

Galadriel, these are for you. Sorry about the mess up.

1/16/13 - Rd 19 awards/Round 20

Hey everyone,

Sorry for this round taking so long. It's been a very long busy last couple of months. Hopefully everyone had a good holiday season and a great 2013 so far.

Round 19 awards are now posted. Hope everyone likes them. :) I do like how these awards turned out. ;) Round 20 is now opened with a new codeword and submit page.

Hoping to get things moving along quicker this round! I'm having a baby in about a week and a half, so that's going to slow things down, but I'm going to try my best. :) Speak to you all soon. *hugs*

11/10/12 - Round closed

Round 19 is now closed. Thanks to Valika for the last entry. I'm going to try to have everything ready to send off to Rose by the end of the weekend. :)

10/27/12 - Round update

Thanks everyone who's submitted so far. Currently the round is sitting at 8/15 spots, so if we can get the round closed in about a week, I would be happy. :) I should have internet up at our new place by about mid next week. :)

Strawberrybisque, this is for you:

10/24/12 - Round update

Thanks everyone for the new videos! I've received 5/15 so far. I'm going to be moving sometime over the next couple of days so my internet access will be a little sketchy, but hopefully I won't be offline for very long. :)

Strawberrybisque: Sorry about that! I sent an email to Rose so I'll have those up for you as soon as I can.

10/22/12 - Awards posted/New Round

Hey all,

Sorry about the lack of updates. I was first having some issues getting onto bravenet, then my boyfriend and I got a bit busy with starting to move into our new place. But after everything, round 18 awards are finally up. Thanks to Rose for the awards. I love the way they turned out. :) This was a strange round for me. I've never had a round where there hasn't been enough entries for either best couple or best romance. It just didn't feel the same!

Round 19 is open for submissions. The codeword was inspired by my new favorite show. ;) What can I say....I'm a bit addicted to it.

Looking forward to the new submissions! *hugs*

9/28/12 - Round update

Round 18 entries have been updated: 11/15. I need 4 more to close the round, so if anyone wants to help out it would be very appreciated! Things have suddenly taken a change of path for me today and to put it simply, I'm going to have a lot more free time now so hopefully that means things will move along quicker with the rounds. I'm hoping to be working again here soon, but we'll see. In the past 6-7 years I've been working I've only been job-less for 6 and a half weeks total, so this is going to be very weird for me...

I added one new affiliate: Welcome to Siwann @ Fanvid Contest .

Hopefully we can get this round closed before too much longer! Does having it open for one more week sound fair? :)

9/12/12 - Round 17 awards/Round 18 open

Hey all! *hugs*

I'm so sorry for the awards taking so long this round. Jessica has gotten very busy with her real life and told me that she wouldn't be able to help with the site for at least 2 rounds which made me very sad and I hated the thought of going on hiatus, but luckily for me the very wonderful Rose of Rose's Whispers is filling in for Jessica for the next two rounds while Jess takes a break. So a huge thank you goes out to Rose. *hugs* So anyways, round 17 awards are finally up and ready to go. :) The awards feature one of my favorite musicians Rachael Yamagata. If you've never heard of her, she's definately worth checking out. One of my absolute favorite piano playing ladies. :)

Round 18 is now open for submissions. :-D The codeword has changed, so like always please go check out the rules page for the new codeword before you submit and drop a note in my cbox after you've submitting a video. Hopefully we can have the round closed within the next two weeks so let's do this!

Speak to you all soon. xoxo

8/3/12 - Round 16

Round 16 awards are now posted! Congrats to the winners. Round 17 winners have been sent off to Jessica to work on, so those should be up by next week. :) Have a good week everyone!

7/12/12 - Round closed

Round 17 is now closed. I'll start judging either tomorrow or sunday. I'm having Jess edit a couple of the awards from round 16, then they'll be ready to go so look out for those before the end of the weekend. :)

Good luck to everyone and I'll talk to you all in the next couple of days. *hugs*

7/10/12 - Round update

Round 17 entries have been updated: 7/15.

I have 8 spots left, so if anyone's interested please submit!

I won't have internet access again until friday, so hope all goes well with everyone until then.

Talk to you in a few days. :)

7/9/12 - Round 17

Jessica is currently working on awards for round 16, but we decided to go ahead and open round 17. Round 16's awards should be up by the 25th at the latest. Sorry about the wait, but Jess has been quite busy lately.

The codeword has been changed for the new round, so go to the rules page before submitting. After submitting, if you can tag me it would be very appreciated. :) If anyone needs a saved spot, please tag me and let me know.

Good luck to everyone and see you all soon. *hugs*

7/4/12 - Round update

Hey all,

Nothing new regarding round 16. I'm still waiting to hear from Jessica to see how things are going with her. Hopefully the awards will be up by the end of the month at the latest.

Rose over at Rose's Whispers made me a very sweet present and I feel very honored to have received it. Thanks hun, you're such a sweetheart. *hugs*

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July and hopefully I'll be back before too horribly long. <3

Update @ 12:30pm: I just checked my email and there was a message from Jessica. Awards should be posted by this weekend if everything goes to plan. I don't have internet access at home anymore, so that might slow this whole thing down, but I am going to try to keep everything going along as planned. If everything goes the right way, round 17 should be open for entries sometime next week. I'll keep you all posted.

6/15/12 - Round closed

Round 16 is now closed with 15 entries. Thank you to strawberrybisque and sweetcrimefighter for the last two submissions. Glad to see that you're both back! :)

I'm hoping to have judging finished either later today or tomorrow morning at the latest. Hopefully awards will be up in about a week or two. See you soon!

6/8/12 - Round update/Affiliates

The round is currently standing at 13/15. I would love to get two more entries, but if I don't the round will be closing next tuesday or wednesday.

I've updated the affiliates page:

Bre @ Primordial Souls: Fantastic art and fiction site. I'm especially a fan of her Buffy art. She has it sorted by season, which makes it really easy to find.

Britt @ All Night Noise: Another great art site. This one features a wide selection of fan arts, tutorials and textures.

Rachel @ Untouched Treasures: An icon and art site featuring Once Upon a Time, True Blood and others.

5/29/12 - Round update

Hey all,

The entries for round 16 have been updated: 7/15. Thank you to everyone who submitted and you're welcome to everyone who commented on the awards. It was a great round to judge! :)

Keep submitting! 8 more to go. You know....just saying. ;)

5/27/12 - Round 15

Round 15 awards are finally up! Sorry about the wait. Jessica was a very busy lady. :) Congrats to her on her graduation! *hugs* The awards feature Zooey Deschanel. <3 Round 16 is now open for submissions. There's a new codeword, so after checking out the rules page, go submit!

5/8/12 - New Layout

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay in updates. Jessica should be back from her vacation before too much longer, so I'm just waiting for her. :) Soon my darlings, soon!

As you can see, there's a new layout. :) It features my absolute favorite pairing on the show Glee. I miss my babies being together. <3 The layout was made by the always wonderful Jay. Isn't she the best? ;)

Hopefully I'll be back before too long with the awards, so talk to you soon. *hugs*

Edit @ 11:23pm: I just now realized that I had a new affiliate that I hadn't added before: .

4/22/12 - Round closed

Round 15 is now closed. Thank you to Christy and Valika for submitting the last two entries. I'll be off of work on wednesday and thursday, so hopefully I can work on judging the videos on my days off and send them off to Caprica so she can make the awards. I hope to have everything ready by next week, so we'll see. Talk to you all soon. *hugs*

4/21/12 - Round update

I updated the entries to 13. I need two more to close this round, so if you don't mind helping me out. ;-) The round will be closing next wendesday, so if you're interested in submitting, please do so asap.

4/18/12 - Round update

I've updated the entries: 10/15. I need 5 more to close this round, so please submit! I've heard from Caprica, so we're back and ready to go! So let's get this round closed, shall we? ;-)

Edit @ 6:10pm: I received an entry from Jess, so thank you to her. That brings it up to 12/15.

4/12/12 - Awards posted/Round 15

Hey everyone,

Round 14 awards are now posted! Congrats to all the winners. A huge thank you goes out to my girl Jay for making the awards. *hug*

Round 15 is now open for submissions. The codeword has now been changed, so be sure to go to the rules page and grab the new code then go submit! If anyone needs a saved spot, please let me know. I changed the number of accepting entries from 20 to 15, so hopefully this doesn't affect anything too much. If I end up receiving more then 15 entries this round, then I'll bump the amount back up to 20.

Can't wait for the new entries!

4/11/12 - Round Update

Hey all,

I just wanted to drop a quick update by. Awards are all ready to go, I just need to upload them tomorrow. It's 11:30 right now and I need to get to bed. :) I just want to say ahead of time a big thank you to everyone who submitted for round 14. It made me very happy to know that some of my fellow vidders are still around and interested in my site, so thank you to all of you.

Round 15 will be opened tomorrow, but I am accepting saved spots until then. So if anyone needs one of those for next round, please let me know.

Until tomorrow, good night. :)

4/9/12 - Help!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great easter. :)

I still haven't heard back from Caprica yet, but I have a feeling that I'm going to need a guest award maker this round, just until I can find out if Caprica's still going to be my partner in crime here. If anyone is interested, please let me know ASAP. I want to get this round finished as soon as I possibly can so that round 15 can be opened. Send me an email at pixierock88@gmail.com if you're interested in helping me out, or you know of someone who would be interested. Thanks! Any help would be very appreciated.

I updated affiliates as well: Welcome Amy @ ADF Productions

4/5/12 - Round 14 now closed

Round 14 is now closed for submissions. I pretty much finished judging this morning and now I'm just wait for Caprica. I'm hoping to have awards up by mid next week, so here's to that. *fingers crossed*.

Speak to you all soon. <3

4/4/12 - Round update

Hello all,

The round is currently at 15/20 and unless I receive more submissions by tomorrow I will be closing the round sometime tomorrow. I'm still waiting for Rose's submission and then I'll start judging. I'm currently trying to get a hold of Caprica, so hopefully that won't slow down this whole thing. Depending on what happens next round, I might change the amount of submissions to 15 per round. 2 years ago having a limit of 20 worked, but now I'm not so sure about it.

Until tomorrow, Kimberly

EDIT @ 5:01 pacific time: I just received Rose's submission, so thank you hun. :) Depending on what happens tomorrow, this might be the last entry.

4/3/12 - Entries Updated/New Links

Hello all, :)

Entries have been updated again. 15/20. We�re almost there! If any of you are vidders or have friends who are vidders please invite them to submit! I would love to reach 20 entries, but if not I will be closing with what I currently have by Thursday at the latest.

Affiliates have been updated:

I also wanted to bring over my new presents. I�ve won some videos for my twilight/speak video that I made back in 2010. This was the first time I�ve submitted a video in two years and I felt very honored to have received a bunch of pretty awards for it. I guess I still have the touch. :) Here are the three top awards I've won for my video. After being out of the loop for as long as I have, judge�s choice and a BOTB award feeling pretty darn amazing. So thank you Yolanda @ Ultimate Universe Awards, I really appreciate it! :) You can watch the video here: Most of Me

4/1/12 - Entries Updated/New Links

Entries have been updated: 14/20. I have 6 spots left, so please submit! I would love to have the round close by my days off next week. :) Please and thank you.

I also updated my affiliates page:

3/29/12 - Entries Updated/New Links

I've updated the entries: Thank you Camelia, Amy and blairwaldorfqueenb. :)

Welcome to my two new affiliates: Rose @ Rose's Whispers Productions and Andrea @ Buffy & Angel Art.

3/28/12 - Round 14 is open/I'm back!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you miss me? ;)

Sorry for being gone for so long. My personal life got the best of me. I moved about an hour away from where I was previously living, so that's been a change. I got a new job about 6 months ago. I'm now a manager of a consignment (second hand) store. Yay! I've grown to really like it. Um, lets see...I have my driver's license now which is huge for me, because up until about a year and a half ago, I'd never driven before. I'm getting my first car in about a month and I can't wait. Ohhhh and my dog had puppies last summer, so I now have 5 dogs. Pretty hectic, but everything's going pretty good for me. I have the best boyfriend in the world that I really really love, a little family that means the world to me and a pretty good life. :)

I re-opened round 14 because I lost all of the entries when I changed emails, so please re-enter. I hope most of you are still around and vidding and that I didn't lose too many of you. Go submit your entries for round 14 and if you need a saved spot, please email me at pixierock88@gmail.com and I'll save one for you.

The affiliates page has been updated. Welcome my new affiliates:

If any one else wants to affiliate, please leave me a message in my tagboard.

Here's to a great new round and a great re-launch of DM. :)

7/21/10 - Round 14 is now closed

Round 14 is now closed for submissions. Thanks to everyone who submitted this round. :) I have the next couple of days off, so I'm going to try to finish judging over the next two days.

See you soon with the results!

7/21/10 - Round 14 is now open!

Heyyy. Sorry it took me a couple of days, but round 14 is now open for submissions! Make sure to check the rules page for the new codeword. I'll give a virtual cookie to whoever can guess where it's from. (Annie!!! ^__^)

You're welcome to everyone who has already picked up their awards. :) Wolfpup: I received your entry. Thanks!

7/19/10 - I'm back!/Awards posted! :)

Woop woop! I'm back. (About time, huh?) It's been nuts for me lately. I got a second job for about 2 months there (which didn't end up working out sadly...boo.), plus my other job 5 days a week. Gah! It was nuts there for a while. The last few days have been hell for me. My puppy was attacked by another dog and died on the examination table, but they gave her a shot and brought her back thankfully. I cried more that day then I had in a long time. She's been getting better since then. She's eating and drinking again, healing and getting a little of her spunk back slowly. My boyfriend's younger brother was rushed to the hospital the day after my puppy got attacked and he almost died. He's back home again and pulled through it. So all and all, it's been a very stressful last week and a very busy past two months.

On a better note: Round 13 awards and Caprica's awardsa are now posted. *jumps of joy* (Again, about time huh?) I love how they all turned out, and hopefully you do too!

Links have been updated for a couple of sites...and yeah. I think that's it. I'll send an email about the awards out tomorrow because it's late here for me! Round 14 will be open tomorrow. Everything will be finished then. :)

EDIT @ 12:00am pacific time - The awards page doesn't seem to be working at the moment. I'll have Jay take a look at it and hopefully it should be up and going tomorrow. :(

5/19/10 - Round 13 now closed/Special round is now open

Sorry I disappeared there for almost a month. I've been busy with work and such. :)

Round 13 is now closed for submissions. I'm going to try to judge the round next week on one of my days off, so we'll see.

Caprica's special round is now opened for business! You can find the submission form on the left sidebar. She's trying to get at least five entries for the round. Ten would be even better. ;-) You know you want to! The codeword is part of a quote so just google the quote to find out the rest of the question. If you need help, send one of us an email and we'll send you the quote. Or I will at least. Hehe. ^__^

See you soon!

4/27/10 - Round 13 open!

Round 13 is now open for submissions! Go check the rules page for the codeword and submit submit submit! :)

I was going to open it over the weekend, but I just couldn't decide on a theme for the round/awards/codeword. I finally saw some pictures online yesterday from a photoshoot and I loved the look of it, so I thought why not. I like this actress a lot and the pictures were so pretty! :)

Please go send Caprica an email for her special round. It should be a lot of fun and she's a sweetheart. :) If it makes it easier, send me an email and I'll forward it to her. If enough people submit (10 perhaps+?), this could become a monthly event. You know you want to do it! ^__^

4/23/10 - Round 12 awards/Affiliates/Special Round?

Round 12 awards are now posted! :) Congratulations to everyone who won. I love who these awards turned out. Round 13 is not open yet. I'll try to open it tomorrow or Sunday. I don't really feel like changing all the coding and such for the new round at 10:30 at night!

Affiliates have now been updated: Doro @ Spikeaholic Graphics, Artemisia (Sarah) @ Morbid Simmer and Sarah @ Becoming Carpathian Awards.

My award maker Caprica will now be holding a special round once a month. May theme will be video roulette and she needs your help. There are two options to choose from:

A) Send a list of your top 10 fandoms and top 10 artists to Caprica via her e-mail: ciserobelle@yahoo.com. She will then send out assignments to whoever sends her an email.

B) Caprica will send you one of her favorite fandoms and a song she's dying to see vidded to said fandom. Sorry no Twilight videos will be accepted.

Videos must be in by May 11th and awards will be posted May 30th at the latest.

Anyone interested? :)

4/1/10 - Round 12 update/Layout!

I have a new layout!! :) It features the lovely miss Michelle Branch, who I absolutely adore. I've loved her music since I was 13 when her first album came out. :)

Round 12 was finally judged today (WOOOOOT!) and I sent the results off to Jessica so she can make awards. There were some fantastic videos this round so thank you to all of you for sending your videos in. :)

There are two new affiliates: Lottie @ Lottie Productions and Tasia @ Daisy Fever. Go check them out!

See you soon with round 12's awards! ^__^

3/16/10 - Round 12 is now closed

Round 12 is now closed for submissions because I haven't recieved anything new in a week. I have Thursday off of work so I'll judge the round and send the list of winners off to Jessica then. Hopefully the awards for round 12 will be up in about a week or so.

Affiliates have been updated. Go check out Destiny @ white-Lace.Net. :)

See you all soon with the awards....and might I mention a new layout! ^__^

2/23/10 - Round 12 open/affys/Round 11 awards

Hey! Sorry it's been over a month since I've updated. I moved up to Washington state on the 19th of last month. I've been living in California for over four years now, so this is quite different but I'm originally from up here so it's familiar to me. I've never moved on my own, so that's new for me but things are going quite well. Within a week after I moved, I'd met someone and had a boyfriend and found a new job. I'll be living in my hometown until at least earlier summer, and I'm rather enjoying life right now. :)

Round 11 awards are up! They feature Margaret and Andrew from the movie "The Proposal". The awards were made by Jess (Caprica) and the caps were provided by Jay. A huge thank you goes out to both of them, so thank you! I hope everyone likes their awards. :) Round 12 is now open for submissions. Make sure to check the rules for the new codeword. Affiliates have now been updated: Marie at Damned in Darkness Awards // Bloodqueen and Jenni Lou at Daydreaming. Welcome ladies. :)

I'm now off to go take my boyfriend's dog for a walk, so I'll talk to you all later. Take care and get those videos in!

1/16/10 - Round 11 is now closed!

Round 11 is now closed with 20 submissions. Thanks everyone! *hugs* I'm going to try to finish judging tonight, or at least have the list almost finished. The next few days are going to be busy for me. I'm moving on Wednesday! I'm really excited, but nervous about getting everything finished. :)

I'll try to update affiliates later tonight. I know I have at least one or two...don't worry. I haven't forgotten about you!

See you all soon with the awards!

1/3/10 - BOTB awards posted and round 11 is open!

Heyyyyyyy all! ^__^

I'm very excited to say that the first best and the best awards for rounds 1-10 are now posted! Congratulations to everyone! Some of the winners I no longer have the email for, so any of you know them.....please let them know they have a surprise waiting for them at my site! These include: Owen Smith (last I checked this person owned a Veronica Mars website), Guardian (vidder, the last one I remember seeing of theirs was a character study of Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and sweetcrimefighter (I know that several of us have had this vidder submit at their sites before!).

Round 11 is now open for submissions. SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! Go go go! I know you can all do it! Hehe. There's a new codeword on the rules page, so please go check that out before submitting your video. If you can guess what movie the codeword is from, you get a virtual cookie! :-P How can you say no to that? ;-)

I updated the affilates page with Jay and Mariana's new design site: Broken Gravity. Go check it out! I adore them both to death and they're both very talented!

Hope you're all doing well and happy 2010 by the way! :)

12/24/09 - A quick update

Hello. :) Just a quick update from me, nothing added to the site...no judging update but I'm allllllliiiiiiivvvveeeeee! ^__^

I'm finally out of school. My last semester! I just have to take two more math classes, then I graduate with an associate's degree, which I'm very excited about. I've been taking classes at community colleges for too long now, so I'm very happy to be almost finished and the proud owner of an AA degree. In other news I've been busy with work too. Since the beginning of December or so, I've been working basically full time at my job, so that has been keeping me busy lately as well.

I will hopefully be finding time soon to finish judging the BOTB round. Soon my dears...soon! I just need to find a good chunk of time to sit down and work on it. Tomorrow night perhaps? We will see. :)

In other news, I'm absolutely obsessed with the movie Avatar right now. I've already seen it twice and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone if you haven't seen it yet. Defiantly one of the best movies of 2009 in my opinion. Plus I'm totally in love with Michelle Rodriguez now. She's fantastic and quite a sassy actress. :-D

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Hope you're all doing well. *hugs*

11/14/09 - Sad to say.....

SO sorry this has to happen, but I need an official break for a couple of weeks or so. I'm really busy with school right now and even though I'm down to one job again (long story...not by me), I'm still getting about 30-35 hours a week.......and between everything I don't exactly have a ton of free time right now. I don't even want to think about finals yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have all of Thanksgiving week off from school, so hopefully by then I can take the site off of hiatus and start (and hopefully finish) judging the BOTB round. I just didn't expect to be this busy right now. Having school all morning, then work till at least 5pm at night if not later (if I'm closing at work I'm there till 9:30pm plus)doesn't exactly put me in the mood to sit down and do anything besides relax at night. Sorry to say I don't find judging relaxing. :(

I have a couple affiliates to add to the site. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you. Don't un-affiliate with me! I will add you next time. Promise!!!!!!

See you all soon! :) (if anyone needs me for anything or just wants to say hi, I do check my tagboard every couple of days. I'll still be around. ^_^)

10/12/09 - New affiliates

Hello. :) It hasn't been as long between updates this time, huh? See. I said I would try. Hopefully if all goes well I can judge the BOTB round this week. I was given four days off at one job (not happily, mind you), so my afternoons will be free this week. Hopefully I can put those to good use. *fingers crossed*

The affiliates page has finally been updated: Arabella @ Regretful Sorrows, Anne @ SpuffyProductions, Cynthia @ Cosmiic Horiizons Awards, Kayla @ An Eternal Dream and Jasmine @ James McAvoy Central. Welcome welcome. :)

See you all soon!! (hopefully with BOTB awards by next week. I hope.)

9/30/09 - So sorry!

Yeah, I'm still alive. Sorry it has been SO long since I've updated. I feel bad. =( I've been really busy with my two jobs and school full time this semester. I'll try to be better from here on out, but I won't make any promises in case this happens again. I don't want to put the site on hiatus because I hate doing that, so I will only do that as a VERY VERY last option.

I still haven't judged the BOTB round. I will get around to that soon. I really will. :( I just need to figure out where to do it.

There are new affilates, but I don't have time to update them right now, but I will next time I update which will HOPEFULLY be soon. I should have some free time this weekend and tomorrow, so between doing math homework, doing my laundry (hehe) and work, I'll update the site again and attempt to start judging the BOTB round. Just be patient. This will be my first BOTB round that I'm judging, so if it does take some extra time, I do apologize in advance.

I have been busy vidding lately when I can. This is my latest creation. Enjoy!

8/26/09 - Affiliates and Twitter

Hello. :)

The affiliates page has been updated: Lottie @ ::FriendsAddiction::, Tracy @ Kindly Unspoken and Bre @ Primordial Souls.

I also added my twitter to the side bar. If you're interested in following me, feel free.

Thanks to everyone for leaving all the comments about my new layout and the round 10 awards. Glad you're all so happy with your awards!!

Lastly, my newest musical addiction:
(plus I adore Sara's vocals in this song, and Tegan's backing vocals....*LOVE*

8/20/09 - New Layout

Hello hello.

As you can probably tell there's a new layout up. It features the band Tegan and Sara, who are one of my favorite bands. :) I saw these pictures from the studio when they were working on their new album a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with the pictures so I asked Jay if she could make a new layout for me, and here it is. Hope you all like it!

The awards for round 10 are finished, I just need to upload them to photobucket either later today and tomorrow if I get a chance, so look forward to those. I'm thinking of having a BOTB round every five rounds so it'll be a bit easier for me to judge. What do you think?

Hopefully I'll be updating later today with the awards, so see you all soon.

EDIT @ 4:38pm - I was going to try to get the awards up before my second job tonight, but it didn't quite work out. I'll upload them when I get off work tonight. *fingers crossed*

EDIT @ 10:24pm - The awards are now up on the awards page! This round features the band The Veronicas, who are an Australian twin duo. Caprica aka miss Jess made the awards and I think they're beautiful! I love how the templates turned out this round. Hope everyone likes their awards and congrats to everyone. Your videos were all great. ;-) Next round will be the BOTB round, so hopefully it won't take me too long to judge that. If all goes well I'm planning on round 11 opening in mid September. Please don't send me any email submissions until I open the next round. Thanks. Again, congratulations to everyone who won awards!

The affiliates page has been updated as well. A huge welcome goes out to Victoria @ Royalty in Black, Veronica @ U-S.net, Jessica @ Fandom Mania and Holly @ Manhattan Winter Awards.

Take care everyone and Hopefully I'll be updating again soon!

8/2/09 - Round 10 is now closed!!

Round 10 is now closed!! Thanks to everyone who submitted. You all rock. Thanks for helping close the round is quickly! I'm going to try to start judging tomorrow night. If not I'll start judging over the next few days.

Affiliates have also been updated: Trischia @ Twilight/Titanic/The Notebook The O.C./Gossip Girl/One Tree Hill High Quality Clips Downloads, StrawberryBisque @ Visions in Videos Awards, evangelin @ Love's Bitch Awards. Welcome to all! :)

Hopefully I'll be updating again soon with awards. ;-)

7/27/09 - Round 10 is open!!

Heyyyyyyy. :)

Round 10 is now open for submissions! If you need a saved spot, please let me know. Otherwise go submit! I would love to have round 10 closed in about 2 weeks and completely finishing with judging, etc in about 3 weeks so I can start the BOTB round before school starts up at the end of August.

Also if you only received honorable mention, please submit another video this round. Don't feel discouraged! I give everyone at least one award one way or another, because I know how it feels to not win anything and then I feel guilty if I don't give someone at least an honorable mention award.......and yeah....that's about it. :)

Hopefully I'll see a lot of familiar vidder names this round! I can't wait to watch your videos. :) (By the way, thanks to the ones who have already snagged their awards and left comments on my tagboard. You're sweethearts! ^_^ Glad everyone's liking their awards so far.)

7/26/09 - Round 9 awards now posted!

Hello all! The awards for round 9 are now posted on the awards page. I didn't have a chance to send an email off to everyone who submitted in the round this evening, but I will do that tomorrow sometime. The awards feature Nathan and Haley from the tv show One Tree Hill and they were made by miss Caprica, so a huge thank you goes out to her. :) Now that I'm looking at some of the awards, I'm noticing that they're not all completely perfect, but hey they're all there and posted, which as of about a week ago I wasn't even sure was going to happen anytime soon.

Round 10 will be hopefully opening tomorrow, or if it doesn't for any reason it will be opening the following day which is Tuesday the 28th of July.

See you all soon when the new round is open. Congrats to all the winners of last round. I had such a hard time choosing winners, so you may notice that some categories have fourth place winners. Keep up the great work you guys! I enjoy watching all of your videos. ;-) *HUGS*

7/21/09 - New award maker!!

Yay, so I have happy news. :) I now have a new and hopefully permanent award maker. Her name is Caprica and she's a vidder/art maker. So give a big ol' welcome to her. She's really nice. ;-)

Hopefully awards will be up within a week or so, and round 10 will be opening very soon. BOTB round #1 is going to happen after that. If anyone who has had a BOTB round so far (Amy...Mariana..Christy...etc...) could send me an email or something with tips on how to do a BOTB round, I would appreciate it. :-D I'm sure it's pretty self-explanatory once I actually start it, but hey...I've never done one before. :)

See you all soon with the awards for round 9!!!

7/19/09 - Round 9 update and new affiliates

Hello everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. It's been very busy lately. I'm working two part time jobs right now, plus another when I can fit it into my schedule.

Buket is no longer making awards for me sadly. I'm going to miss her, even though she only made awards for one round. She was a sweetheart to talk to. Jay @ Holiday From Real is making awards for me this round, so a huge thanks goes out to her for that. You rock girly! I adore you for being such a nice, sweet person. *HUGS* If you are interested in making awards next round, or you know someone who is, please send me an email at pixiecreationswebmiss@yahoo.com. Thank you. :)

Affiliates have been updated. Check them out! All of the new sites are great. ^_^


The new round will be open soon! I promise. ;-) Thanks for being patient everyone. The next update won't take as long...I hope.

6/22/09 - Round 9 and affiliates page updated

Hello Hello. :)

Round 9 is now officially closed if you haven't noticed. I haven't started judging yet, but I'm going to try to judge tonight because starting tomorrow, I'm going to officially have no free time so I may be a bit slow with judging/updating for the rest of the summer, but I will do my best to have everything updated and uploaded in a reasonable amount of time.

I added one new affiliate to the site: Lisa Marie (moccamary) @ Mocca Mary which is a video site, as well as an award site.

Also I was awarded with these beautiful awards for my new video "Heart" recently from Cesar188 @ Shipper Awards. I feel very honored to have recieved these, so thank you very much Cesar188. :) If you want to watch my video that won best video, go here.

6/14/09 - Round 9 update and new affiliates

The entries for round 9 have now been updated. The round currently has 23/25 entries. If anyone wants to snag the last two spots, feel free to do so. I haven't had a round fill up this quickly in a while, so thank you to all of you have sent in your videos. I've already watched a few of the videos that especially caught my attention, and I have to say that so far this looks like it's going to be a great round of videos! I'm excited to start judging.

Two new affiliates have been added: Yuna @ stilldollx3 and Christa @ Learn To Be Lonely. Welcome!

If anyone knows who KRL2008 is, could you let them know that they have a saved spot and if they could submit ASAP that'd be great? Thanks. :)

EDIT @ 6:27pm: I added another two affiliates: Jenn @ Shiny Nickel and Steff @ Tired of Being Sorry. Welcome ladies. :)

EDIT @ 10:23pm: Round 9 is now closed thanks to Gina and Shannon!!!! I'll start judging as soon as I can. (KRL2008 please submit ASAP. If I don't hear from you by the end of the week (Sunday), I'm going to either not disregard your entry, or I'll move it to the next round. Please and thank you.)

See you all soon with the results!!!

6/10/09 - Round 8 awards now posted and round 9 now open!

Round 8 awards are now posted!!! A huge thanks goes out to Buket for making the awards. *HUGS* Congrats to all the winners and let us know what you think of the awards. :)

Round 9 is now open for submissions!!! Be sure to check the rules pages because the codeword has changed this round. Happy submitting and I can't wait to see your videos!

5/29/09 - New Layout and round 8 update

Jay @ Dare to Move has done it again!!! You rock my socks darling. :) The layout features some of the current loves of my life: Actresses Kristen Stewart (Twilight, Speak, Panic Room and etc), Amber Tamblyn (General Hospital, Joan of Arcadia, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, etc) and Bethany Joy Galeotti from One Tree Hill and singers Rachael Yamagata, Hayley Williams from Paramore and the Duo Tegan and Sara Quin, also known as Tegan and Sara. I am in love with this layout so a massive *HUG* to Jay for creating this beautiful piece of art!!!

Buket is currently working on round 8 sample awards, and hopefully soon the finalized awards will be posted so if all goes well, round 9 should be up by next week or so. *fingers crossed*

I also added a new affiliate to the affiliates page. A big ol' welcome goes out to Mikaela @ Always-Daydreamin'. ;-)

Speak to you all soon!!!! xoxo

5/24/09 - New Affiliates and Round 8

Hello hello. Affiliates have been updated. If you're not on there for any reason, leave me a message on my tagboard and I'll add you asap!

I'm finally done judging round 8. I sent Buket an email last night, so hopefully if all goes well awards will be posted before too long. There were some great entries this round! I'm thinking of just making the entries an even 20 videos per round. It seems easier to me, and last round took longer than I planned on it taking, so maybe it would be for the best. Any input on whether it's a good idea or not?

Hopefully I shall be back soon. It's finally summer! Yayyyyyyy! :-D

5/6/09 - I'm Not Died!

So sorry it's been so long since the last update. Things have been busy for me. School ends for the semester in about 2 weeks, plus I'm looking for a new job at the moment, which is making things quite hectic right now. I've started to judge the round, but I haven't done much in a while. I'll probably finish judging when school is out, so within a couple of weeks.

I have affiliates to update, which will be added to the site next update. Promise!

Speak to you all soon. I'll leave you a parting gift: My new song obsession. "Broken Songs" by Jim Ward featuring Miss Tegan Quin. <33

4/4/09 - Affiliates updated

Here's another quick update because I have to work in just a little bit. I updated the affiliates page again: Arie