1. NO CLIP THEFT!! This should go without just don't do it!

2. All fandoms are accepted.

3. One spot per vidder. This way the round doesn't fill up too quickly. If you need a saved spot, let me know in the cbox.

4. I don't do reviews, sorry.

5. Video must be under 50 MB. If it's over 50 MB, let me know and I may accept it...

6. Any file uploading site is accepted as long as it doesn't expire in a week. There are times when I can't view videos in a week and I would hate to not get the chance to watch your video because of what uploading site you used. Streaming videos are preferred though if you have your video uploaded to a streaming site, such as youtube.

7. I only accept wmv, mp4 and avi video formats. Zipped files are fine!

8. You can submit your video in up to five categories

. 9. If your video wins an award you may not enter it in future rounds. If your videos wins honorable mention, you can submit one addition time.

10. No PORN!!!! Profanity/swearing in the lyrics or voice overs is allowed.

11. Once you submit a video, please send me (Kimberly) an email or leave me a message in my tagboard so I know you submitted.

12. Where it says "Stay With Me" in the form put "Always". This lets me know you read and understand the rules. :)


Best Romance
Best Tearjerker
Best Couple
Best Character
Best Cast
Best Angst
Best Alternate Reality
Best Point of View
Best Editing
Best Song Use
Best Music
Best Action
Best Drama
Best Special Effects
Most Unique